An open policy network mobilising a new generation of Europeans – the 89ers – to rebuild the European Project.


  • Innovative policy proposals through a mix of crowdsourcing, pan-European dialogue and data analytics.
  • A Europe-wide cycle of events and produce blog posts and podcasts on European politics.
  • Engagement with stakeholders to shape EU and national policy.


The Initiative is an associate organisation of the LSE’s European Institute and based in London, with an increasing number of chapters across the continent.

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Our Core Principles

What we believe

That Europe should have as its core aim the improvement of its citizens’ lives; that this should be the driving force behind its broad directions and policies; and that the premise must transcend political ideology, party affiliation, national boundaries, professional discipline and age.

Connecting Europe’s Citizens

In trade, education, politics, and security, connectivity should be fostered between citizens and governments, bringing out the best of our potential. Whilst Europe might design policies that promote this, these cannot be top-down, nor overbearing.

Empowering Europe’s Citizens

The history of Europe is a history of great ideas and innovations. But behind each of these is a great scientist, artist or political thinker. Consistent with the notion of policies for people, is the premise that systems must be created to allow citizens to best fulfil their potential: A Europe of universal opportunity.

Standing With Europe’s Citizens

Member states must embrace their responsibility as part of something bigger, and defend the rights and prosperity not merely of their own citizens, but of Europeans more broadly. Only this will form the basis of true European solidarity.

Our Activities

How We Work

A premier policy platform for young Europeans

The Initiative facilitates an innovative structured dialogue that allows the youth to contribute to the EU policy making process. In this process, policy proposals are formulated not by small teams of researchers cut off from the outside world, but by 89ers - young ‘policy entrepreneurs’ of various backgrounds from around Europe.

Establishment credibility + avant-garde approach

Our base at the LSE offers a unique platform for 89ers and policy experts to meet, debate, and devise policy proposals for the future of Europe. We draw on input from LSE European Institute academic staff, as well as crowdsourcing and data analytics, which puts us at the vanguard of a digital revolution in the policy sphere.

Bridging the gap between thinking and doing

Not only do we create policies, but we aim to get them implemented. The Initiative seeks to generate public engagement around the policy proposals that it produces, involving MEPs, senior civil servants, and government ministers.

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