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Our Mission

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T he 1989 Generation Initiative has its roots in the rallying cry of Professor Timothy Garton-Ash, who called on Millennials to start taking on the mantle of European leadership. Following Ash’s seminal 2014 article on the future of Europe, students at the LSE established the initiative with the objective of mobilising young Europeans in the revitalisation of the European Project. In order to achieve this primary goal, the initiative engages in several core activities: drafting policy proposals, building intergenerational connections , and fostering a network of committed young Europeans to debate and share ideas.

The 1989 Generation Initiative was founded in February 2015 by a group of then post-graduate students at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. By now it has solidified its status as an affiliated organisation of the LSE’s European Institute. In addition, it has seven active Regional Chapters across the continent. They contribute to our policy making, and establish projects independently.

I don’t know whether the 89ers will come together as a defining political generation, how they will act and – as important – how they will react when “stuff happens”, as stuff will. But one thing is clear: on them will depend the future of our past.

— Timothy Garton Ash

Since its establishment, the initiative has strived to develop and draft policy proposals that represent our generation, on issues ranging from the migration crisis to an established European identity. Our policies are reinforced by the valuable input of academics, experts, and politicians, ensuring that that they are for the benefit of the whole union. Once drafted, we then present our proposals to the highest levels of European government,  outlining how our generation wants to re-shape and enhance EU policy.

Our intergenerational connections not only assist in the drafting of effective policy, they promote lateral (as opposed to top-down) communication among the significant stakeholders in Europe’s future. Providing a platform of open dialogue between students/graduates and established professionals, the initiative nurtures and encourages meaningful collaboration between those who wield the power, and those who’ll be inheriting it.

Nurturing meaningful collaboration between those who wield the power, and those who’ll be inheriting it.

While our activities were once confined to the cities of London and Brussels, the initiative has since made a strong effort to expand its mission across the continent. So far, we have established chapters in seven member states, each with its own membership and event calendar. This is a crucial part of the Initiative’s work to promote effective, grassroots mobilisation for a stronger, smarter, more inclusive Europe.

Our Method

We are an open policy network, that combines the views of experts & ideas of young citizens across various disciplines.

  • Fusing think tank expertise & network information sharing
  • Enabling dialogue between former, present, and future European leaders.
  • Actualising policy proposals to bridge the gap between theory and practice.


We engage large numbers of young EU citizens in the online spaces in which they congregate to source their aspirations, visions, concerns, and proposals. We do this through structured crowdsourcing ‘campaigns’ run off the Crowdicity software.

Data Analysis

The crowdsourcing process produces a rich array of qualitative and quantitative data for analysis. This we do through the use of cutting edge data analysis software to make deeper insights into the results of the crowdsourcing phase.  

Policy Recommendations

The results of the data analysis are fed into the working groups of the 1989 Generation Initiative, composed of its members, or policy entrepreneurs. From the data policy recommendations are formulated with the aim of achieving maximum impact among EU and national decision makers.

Advisory Board

The 1989 Generation Initiative’s Advisory Board is made up of a selection of individuals who have played an important role in the Initiative’s lifetime so far. It includes some founding members, as well as three key supporters of the organisation, who have together helped make the Initiative’s growth and success possible.

Kevin Featherstone
Head, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science

Jennifer Jackson Preece
Deputy Head, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science

Timothy Garton Ash
Professor, European Studies, Oxford University

Orest Tokac
Founding Member, 1989 Generation Initiative