With its Chapters, the 1989 Generation Initiative is fast expanding into a pan-European organisation. Chapters act as regional policy hubs for young EU citizens to shape the future of Europe through their innovative ideas and regional insights.

Moreover, through our chapters, the Initiative forms a large network of 89ers and policy makers stretching across Europe. The policy work and outreach conducted by the 1989 Generation Initiative is innovative and plays an important role in the European public sphere. The chapters give more people the opportunity to join us in this effort and help build Europe from the bottom up.

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Brussel Chapter event

Launched after the Brexit vote, our Aberdeen chapter, headquartered at the Aberdeen University, is dedicated to finding answers to the toughest questions about Brexit, with a particular focus on Scotland.


Our Athens chapter focuses on Eurozone crisis, the rise of populism, and mobilising the Greek youth.


Our Chapter at the centre of power is both engaging in policy making, as well as advocacy to bring our ideas to law makers and EU officials.


Our London headquarters is based at the London School of Economics’ European Institute.