Conferences, Roundtables, Debates

Our programmes span from big to small in scale, duration, and locality. Currently we are (co) organising three programmes, with more in the works, both at our London HQ and at our Chapters.

Regenerate EU

Regenerate EU is the Initiative’s flagship programme. It engages 89ers over the course of an 8 months policy cycle with the aim of producing innovative policy proposals for the consideration of EU and national institutions. The final proposals are enshrined within a comprehensive annual Policy Report, published and presented at a major event in Brussels at the end of cycle. Each year, the Regenerate EU cycle focuses on a separate theme.

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Talking Europe

Talking Europe is broader current affairs series that provides a platform for young Europeans to influence the public and policy debate on issues of key relevance. This involves a weekly podcast series and the production of short policy reports that respond to key events as they occur. These reports are shared across social media and with key stakeholders.

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Generation Brexit

Generation Brexit aims to crowdsource a millennial vision for the future relationship between the UK and the EU. The project empowers those aged 18-35 to debate and agree on post-Brexit priorities and proposals. To represent perspectives from both sides of the negotiations, the programme brings together millennials from the UK and the EU. The final report will be sent to the negotiating teams in Westminster and Brussels, and will be freely available online. (co-organised with the LSE)