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Our annual Policy Cycles

Policy Cycle 2017/18

A New Contract: Reconnecting the EU with its citizens

An EU-wide counter vision is more necessary than ever in the long battle against nationalist populism – and one group will be central to its articulation. With former VP of the Commission Joaquin Almunia, academic Alberto Alemanno and VP of the Committee of Regions Markku Markkula amongst many other leaders and experts, this year’s policy cycle aims at channelizing the vision of 89ers towards rethinking the connection between European institutions and the citizens they represent. Take a look at what we did during our opening conference.

Our presentation event will be held at the European Parliament in October 2018. In the meantime, our delegates continue their work through webinars, which preliminary results will soon be available on the LSE’s EUROPP blog.

Policy Cycle 2016/17

Tackling Populism: Hope Over Fear

The Conference addressed the theme of populism with the aim of understanding its origins and appeal. By observing where traditional ruling elites have failed, we looked at ways to supplant the rhetoric of fear and hate, with one of hope.

We gathered over 80 young Europeans, and dozens of researchers and experts, to debate the topic in eight roundtables. Find the preliminary reports from all roundtables on our EurActiv blog.

Our presentation event was held at the Committee of Regions in Brussels in December 2017. Hosted by CoR VP Markku Markkula, the 89ers presented eight finalised policy proposals to tackle the challenges Europe faces which have contributed to feeding populism, in the areas of politics and institutions, foreign affairs, economics and culture.

Download our 2017 Policy Proposals

Policy Cycle 2015/16

Redefining the Mission of the EU

The conference brought together some eminent minds, including Former French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing, former European Commission Vice President Lord Neil Kinnock and Nobel Prize winner Sir Christopher Pissarides amongst others. Policy proposals were worked on during the conference and subsequently refined through fortnightly webinars, which all conference delegates and Initiative members were able to feed-in to. The conference concluded with a keynote address by Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

Our presentation event, 89ers. Writing the Next Chapter, was held at the European Parliament in Brussels in April 2016. Co-chaired with MEPs from four major Europeans Parliament parties, the 89ers presented eight finalised policy proposals for reforming the EU, as well as new, reinvigorated, unifying vision for the Union.

Download our 2016 policy proposals