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Reflections from the Andalusian Elections in the run up to the European ones

Ad-Hoc vs Post-Hoc Reactions to the Extreme Right   By Nerea Heras, Head of 1989 Generation Initiative Scotland  On Sunday, December 2nd, Spain went back 40 years. The extreme right party VOX entered the Andalusian parliament with 12 seats, after having obtained 11.97% of the votes. Rumour had it that elections to the...

1989 Generation Initiative Launches 89 Connect

89 Connect - The Online Network For Young European Experts And Professionals  LONDON, 5 November 2018  —  As the 1989 Generation Initiative pursues its mission to mobilise the new generation of Europeans, it launches a new network: 89 Connect. It is an online platform connecting and promoting the exchange of innovative...

A Young, Regional, Digital Path: October 16, European Parliament // Brussels

A new digital platform aimed at giving you a voice in Europe will be presented. Don't miss the chance to make the difference and register now!  Dear 89ers,We would like to invite you to our Brussels presentation event: A Young, Regional, Digital Path  on October 16, from 10 AM to 12 AM, Room...

What is wrong with the Nordic model?

by Michael Cottakis, 1989 Generation Initiative President  Political scientists love the Nordics. They seem to have everything right. The Nordic model is often held up as the pinnacle of good governance, economics, and social policy.  Adoption of Scandinavian institutions and ways of doing things by other countries is wistfully advocated by...

Aye! Introducing The Scottish Chapter

Thanks to its regional chapters, the 1989 Generation Initiative is fast expaning into a pan-European organisation, where young citizens across the continent can shape the future of Europe through their innovative ideas and regional insights. Today, we begin with our series of 1989 Generation Initiative chapter introductions, so we met...